Sunday, 20 March 2016

64bit OS crash before reaching 50% RAM ? [Anwsered]

64bit OS crash before reaching 50% RAM ?

Why cant my Computer take advantage of ALL available Resources my hardware gives.
I bought a new PC for gaming

Corei5 3470 3.2Ghz
Palit JetStream GTX 660 Ti 2GB DDR5 192bit
CougarRS 550w PSU
Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit  SP1

 but whatever i do it will not use the entire 8GB of ram available.
it can only reach as far as 2.7GB and it shows lag and temporary freezes when it reaches 2.7GB of used RAM.
i thought my new rig would definitely now be able to run my old games even the
32bit ones ( wont even reach the 3GB before it crashes )..
and i even sacrificed 10GB of HD space for PAGEFILE on 2 partitions so i was just wondering...
when my games show a huge drop of Frame Rates i check to see how much RAM it was using and it shows me
a lousy 2.7GB out of the 8GB is causing my system to start to crash.
i did a full reformat of my OS.
what i also noticed that if i abuse my PC and run multiple apps/games same time my 4 core CPU would reach 100% usage first before my RAM could even get 3GB
out of 8GB RAM.
but i was under the impression that the 64bit Windows7 OS would allow the 32bit Apps to use up to 4GB.
ran Crysis 1 64bit Version and the max RAM i saw it used was 2.1GB RAM and its already showing bad frame rates.

what can i do to improve its performance ?

Keys to the Problem 64bit OS crash before reaching 50% RAM ?

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