Tuesday, 23 February 2016

When I paste in Excel 07, it looks like there are two sets of numbers.

When I copy a few rows of formulas and try to paste them somewhere else in the spreadsheet, my values look like there are two sets of numbers.
If I select the entire row where I pasted, the right number will display.
Is there something that I need to select
or run to get rid of this? 

I've run this same scenario with the same worksheet in Office 2010 and it does not happen, only in 2007.

Keys to the Problem When I paste in Excel 07, it looks like there are two sets of numbers.

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It seems like you are facing issue copy and pasting the value between cells in Excel.
Does it happen with a particular file or with all the files?
Copy the contents of the file to a new file and then try copy and paste and check if it helps.
Let us know the results to help you further.

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Recommended Method to Repair the Problem: When I paste in Excel 07, it looks like there are two sets of numbers.:



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